Memoirs of a Geisha-- Complete
Sunday, January 22, 2006 at 7:49PM

I started this novel a few hours ago.  There has been a lot of attention and press for it recently with the premiere of the movie.  Several people have told me that the book is really good, but the movie just skims the surface. I am going to try to hold off on watching the movie until I finish the book.  So far, I feel really bad for the main character. You can tell that your empathy is being charged up because you might need that reserve for later parts of the book when maybe the main character is not so sympathetic.  That is just a hunch I have.


I finished reading the book this afternoon and loved it. I was disappointed that I had not completed the text in time for our book club discussion yesterday.However, I was even more excited to finish reading after the good conversation and promise of various twists.  Indeed the twist and turns at the end did not disappoint. In fact my only disappointment was that the book ended.  The poetic quality of the language was lovely and I kept feeling like I was in another world. It certainly made me want to venture to Japan. Maybe I will sometime soon.  Even though the movie does not live up to the book, I still feel drawn to seeing it.

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