Karma and Other Short Stories-- Complete
Friday, May 25, 2007 at 1:53AM

I found this book on Sunday when I was wandering around the bookstore after having coffee with a friend from college whose life seems to be moving along a much more normal path than mine.  Karma and Other Short Stories is written by Rishi Reddi and I found that I could relate to something in almost every story.  There was some overlap with the characters which I found interesting.  What the author captures beautifully is the universality of struggling to find your place in the world.  Cultural complexity adds another layer to that struggle.  Here is one of my favorite quotes which I could really relate to:  "I had never had the privilege of introducing my mother to a boy I liked."  The secrets I find myself keeping feel so ridiculous, but also scary to unload.

Recommend to a friend: Yes, since I read it in two days.

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