Eat, Pray, Love--Complete
Thursday, June 7, 2007 at 4:22PM

A few days ago, I finished Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. While many people LOVED this book, I found that it got on my nerves. I was annoyed with what I viewed as three common experiences--- going to Italy for the food, going to India to live at an ashram, and going to Bali for romance.  The author does have a good voice and unique perspective, but I found myself annoyed at the profit making and globalization of what is supposed to be a personal and unique process. I thought that I must not be in a good place in my life to accept and embrace this text; that may be true, but I still found her annoying.  There were some passages that I particularly enjoyed, but overall I felt like this was a book you have to gush over because many of your friends like it so much.  I also do not find it particularly profound or inspiring for a white woman who has a lot of privilege to drop everything and travel for a year to provide her unique spin on a common cultural experiences. There are lots of "these type" of tales already out there-- people leaving on a personal journey and having an enlightening experience. Gilbert does add her strong voice to the chorus, but I feel ready for a different song.  

Recommend to a friend: Not really

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