My First Online Challenge-- 1/3 of the Way There
Friday, July 13, 2007 at 7:25PM
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Thanks to Karen, I learned about an online reading challenge.  I am going to participate in the Armchair Traveler Reading Challenge.  Here are the basic rules:

If you’re interested in joining, here are the guidelines:

I went through my bookshelf and pulled out six books which meet the criteria that I have not yet read.  Although, I did get some great suggestions for folks for alternates in case I get bored or want to treat myself to another book.  For now, here are my six gems: (Bolded titles are complete)

From looking at this list, I also realize that all of these books were presents; I got them as gifts from people who thought that I would enjoy the story.  It's so exciting to still be unrwapping gifts years later.

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