The Neustadt Challenge
Thursday, April 17, 2008 at 5:09PM
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I decided to throw my hat into the ring for ANOTHER challenge.  Fortunately, I can use books for multiple challenges. Otherwise I would be in trouble.  This one is being hosted by book haven. The details are below.

The Neustadt International Prize for Literature is a biennial award for a body of work by poets, novelists, or playwrights. The prize is not limited by geographic area, language, or genre, and is hosted by the University of Oklahoma and the international literary publication World Literature Today

You have two options with this challenge, which will run from May-August 2008.

1. Read three books/plays/collection of poetry by one of the authors who have received the award.

2. Read three books by three different authors.

I am not sure which books I am going to read by the following authors, but I am going with option number two.  These are the three authors whose work I would like to read:

(I may change my mind later). You can see the list of eligible authors at the Book Haven blog.


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