The Sunday Salon #24: What the Body Remembers- Week Two
Monday, September 15, 2008 at 12:00AM

The Sunday

I am very slow with completing books during this LAST year of law school while I am in the midst of wedding planning and daydreaming about making my life in a new state and figuring out how to find and create my dream job, so I thought that it would be fun to have a progress report of my reading. This is an online reading group where all the participants set aside time to read every Sunday and blog about the experience.

This weekend, I traveled to San Jose for Anshu's bridal shower and visit with my cousin. On the airplane ride back,   I continued to read  What the Body Remembers by Shauna Singh Baldwin. You can read my first Sunday Salon post about the book here.

As I have been planning my own wedding, I have been thinking a lot about what I want out of a marriage.  Over the weekend, I got to participate in a bridal shower and witness a lot of love and good wishes that were coming towards my friend.  I thought about how wonderful it is to have people bless your journey.  The passage I read today was about Roop (one of my main characters) wishes for a good husband and the chance to marry.

In the beginning of the book, we find out that Roop is married to a man who already has a wife that has been unable to give him children.  I found myself thinking that Roop's father and family must not value her.  However as I read today, I realized that it is Roop's desire to have a wealthy husband that seals her fate.  Baldwin explores the complexity of family relationships and limited (or limiting) desire so well. She interweaves the intention of Sikh scripture with the reality of daily life.  From reading this passage, I realize that Roop's father did try to prevent her from entering this marriage, but it is too late.  Now, I find myself feeling afraid for Roop who at seventeen is going to marry someone is his forties.

I also felt sad for the limited range of Roop's wishes.  She believes that having a good marriage is the only good option for her.  Otherwise, she will be forced to be a servant or an old maid.  I am not sure what will happen next, but I am looking forward to finding out.

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