The Sunday Salon #47: Curious Incident of Dog in the Night Time, Week Two: Being Brave
Sunday, October 11, 2009 at 1:15PM

The Sunday

I am very slow with completing books as I adjusted to married life in the New England area. I thought it would be fun to track my reading progress each week. The Sunday Salon is  an online reading group where all the participants set aside time to read every Sunday and blog about the experience. To learn more or to join, click on the picture above.

On Wednesday we got a new bed which does not sound like it has much to do with reading.  However, it is now much easier and more comfortable to read in bed.  I also wake up in a better mood since I am not having back pain.  Today,  I read a few more pages of Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon.  The chapter I read today was about the main character, who is an autistic teenager deciding to be brave by talking with strangers.  Christopher, the narrator, has such a direct and honest voice.   I loved him even more because he is going to be brave by talking with strangers.   It got me thinking about what I could do to be brave. 

The biggest thing I am afraid of right now is preparing for an ethics exam which I have to pass in order to sit for the state bar.  In August, I studied and prepared for the ethics exam.  Everyone told me that it was easy, ,but I did not pass which was pretty devastating.  I have not been committed to studying again because I am worried that the effort will not pay off and I will be humiliated again.  I need to take my inspiration from Christopher and be brave to get the result that is important to me. 

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