Eating Around The World: Orbis Terrarum Mini-Challenge
Monday, August 2, 2010 at 8:40PM
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Hello Orbis Terrarum Readers; I hope that you are enjoying your reading around the world. (If you do not know about Orbis Terrarum; click here for the main challenge blog) For the next six weeks, we are going to combine two of my favorite things: international reading and food.  Each week, I will be writing a post that is a tribute to either food, writing, or food and writing from a particular region.  In the comments, you are invited to share your tribute to any of the above from a particular region as well.  You can either link to your own post or just leave a comment with the information. At the end of each week, I will draw a winner from the comments. I will be doing separate posts for each region, but will have links to my entries below for easy reference.

Here is the travel itinerary; I will post about the first region soon.

  1. North America: I wrote a tribute to one of my favorite dishes. Please comment on that entry to be eligible for a prize. 
  2. Europe: I wrote about various versions of pesto I have created.  Please comment on that entry to be eligible for a prize. 
  3. Asia: I wrote about my favorite Pad Thaid recipe.  Please comment on that entry to be eligible for a prize.
  4. Oceana: I need some book suggestions. Here is the post
  5. South America: I created a list of South American food staples. Here is the post.
  6. Africa: I wrote about enjoying Ethopian food with a dear friend. Here is the post.

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