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2014 Resolution Recap and Looking Ahead to 2015

As for as completing resolutions, 2014 was not a great year. As for facing unexpected challenges and embracing lots of change, 2014 was incredible. The movie-like vision I had for the second half of the year, included me passing the bar exam, finding an incredible job, having a baby, and easily becoming a family of four. Depending on how you view it, the reality is darker and richer than my expectations. I am still figuring out my next move professionally. The baby is hard and wonderful; the transition to a family of four has been tough, but also filled with so many tender moments.  2014 kicked my ass and broke me. I am still figuring out answers to two big questions: What next? Who am I now? As I figure it out, I am learning to be patient and move with kindness. 

When I think about what I want to do in 2015, there are a few resolutions I am going to work on all year and then others which will be seasonal. As you look back on 2014 and ahead to 2015, I hope you feel happy about the good things that happened and excited about the great things to come! 

Recap of 2014 resolutions: 

  • Read at least 25 books (gulp!) this is one more than last year, but the number seems intimidating.  Once I finish all my reviews, they will be posted here. I believe the total will be 16. 
  • Complete at least two reading challenges for which I will sign up. I actually completed the chunkster challenge of which I am pretty proud. Once I finish my reviews; they will be linked on that challenge post. 
  • Post at least (on average) four times a month. I fell short by a few posts. There were a few months when I either did not have energy to write or was just consumed with other things.
  • Figure out how to feel more satisfied and fulfilled with my current job or gather courage to take a step toward something new.  As hard and awful as it was, I am glad to not be in the toxic environment anymore. 
  • Create a will and make end of life planning documents with Partner.  We kept putting it off and did not finish. 
  • Merge our finances.  Still not done
  •  Cook together with the Little One. We have had some more cooking adventures together which is really fun and satisfying. 
  • Complete potty training-- YES!!
  • Have the Little One jump with two feet: One of her favorite things and I am so glad. 
  • Have 2013 greetings created and mailed out before the end of the year: Barely got them out the door; the last ones went out on December 31st! 
  • Create a first year baby album of the Little One to give as a gift to Partner for either Valentine's day, Father's Day, her birthday, or our wedding anniversary: Negative. Good gift ideas for the future though
  • Organize our tupperware drawer/cabinet.  Tuppperware has gone rogue in our kitchen.  By containing the containers, maybe that will reduce that chaos in the kitchen: Hilarious because I have not thought much about organizing this space since most of our house is consumed in chaos. 
  • Average of at least twice a month, take the Little One on an adventure. Something outside the house that brings us both joy or at least the promise of joy. I think that we did it, but hard to know for sure
  • Go on a date with Partner average of at least once a month.  Missed it by a lot
  • Have sex with Partner on average at least TWICE a month. Pregnancy, newborn, and toddler. Enough said. 

I am going to make a smaller list for all year 2015: 

1. Read one more book than I did last year; I believe the number will be 17. 

2. I am hooked on signing up for reading challenges. I would like to complete at least one. 

3. I want to host a party. More details here

4. Cooking: I want to get food on the table

5. Try again to post on average four times a month

For the winter season, I want to do the following: 

1. Build a snowman with the Little One.

2. Try a new soup recipe and make a soup recipe I enjoyed before.

3. Get a picture of the Little Mister experiencing snow (weather permitting).

4. Have one hour of alone time with Partner outside the house.

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