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Eight Months and 16 Days: Flying So High! 

Dear Little Mister: 

As usual the days and moments pass faster than I am able to reflect and document. The week that you officially turned eight months old, we were preparing for our first extended family vacation with your paternal side of the family. That week turned out to be much busier than expected as Daddy gave and graded final exams, flew for on-site interviews, and I had three phone interviews! Somehow, we managed to pack everything and get all of us to the airport for our 7 a.m. flight. 

I was nervous about how you and your sister would do on the flight. Since you are nursing and I am mostly around, I do not pack bottles or give you formula very often. I was worried about how I was going to feed you without flashing everyone. Fortunately, you (your sister and cousin) did great on the flights. You nursed, napped, and then laughed and chatted the whole way down.  While we were away, you became more interested in solid food. The importance of dinner being a family occasion and chance to socialize was reiterated as you at the best when you were in your high chair with the rest of the family, checking everything out and making sure you were heard.  You also slept really well. I am not sure if it was having your own room, being close to the ocean, or being so tired from all of the fun in the sun. Maybe a combination of all three; I am trying to figure out how to spend more time near the beach :) 

Over the past few weeks, you have gotten more expressive. You have a range of facial expressions that change to reflect joy, frustration, and many things in between. We continue to enjoy seeing you interact with your sister and the response to her antics.  I am still waited with mostly excitement and some impatience to hear you say some version of Mama, Mom, Mommy.  You are so cute and enthusiastic with saying "HI" and I think I heard you say, "yum."  You are getting more comfortable sitting up and love to explore and examine things you can reach. Part of this process includes putting things in your mouth.  We keep thinking that your teeth are going to come any day now and look in your mouth a lot to see if any have arrived.  You are very interested in the food we are all eating and I hope that you will enjoy food as much as all of us do. 

The house feels noisy and full of life. In general, you go with the flow and love visitors and being out in the world. We communicate with each other in a combination of words and sounds that we do not fully understand in our (but mostly daddy and my) tired fog, but know means some combination of "I have no idea what I am doing/this is the best thing ever/I love you so much." 



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