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New York Play

The last week of transition has felt strange.  I go from being busy and feeling happy to being productive to feeling really sad and frustrated.  As much as I try to keep the anxiety at bay and focus on the tasks at hand which are among other things preparing for the bar exam and the arrival of our new addition, I felt myself worried that something I did to cause the drama in the job will reappear again either in another job or worse in some other aspect of my life like parenthood or test taking. 

The weekend after my last day at work, I went to New York to see my dear friend Beth perform in a show that she wrote, produced and performed in; over the course of our friendship, I have had the honor of seeing Beth on stage several times, read her writing, and know of her passion. I was so excited to see all of those things come together.  One of the key lines of the play is:

what would you choose if you were to do more than let life do the choosing for you?

Even before I saw the show, I was thinking about that concept.  The play itself explores the main character's battle navigating the internal and external voices, personal and societal, on her journey to find self-love, purpose, and authenticity.  

The trip itself was a whirlwind. I arrived in New York at about 3:30 and stayed with one of Partner's friends from high school, who is now one of my friends through marriage :) I took a short nap and then we left to get dinner. We found a vegetarian restaurant called, The Pickle Shack. I was instantly excited to try the fried pickles.  Over dinner, B and I bonded about relationships and job stress.  Plus, I discovered I have a new addiction: fried pickles! I purchased some pickles, that are not fried, to bring home. Hopefully, they can satisfy my craving until I return to Brooklyn :) 

By the time I sat down for the show, I immediately noticed that my feet were swollen and I was exhausted. Once the show began, I was immediately engrossed and so happy to be there. As usual, I loved watching Beth perform and the message of being courageous enough to begin and continue resonated with me. Plus, I got see and meet so many people I had heard so much about and had met only a few times. It was a bit like a family reunion.  As soon as the lights went on, my fatigue returned and I knew that I was not up for going out. I did get to talk with Beth and felt sad to leave, but so happy to have been there. 

B and I finished the night with some ice cream on his couch and my introduction to the show Rupaul's Drag Race which instantly made me laugh and increased my vocabulary.  

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