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The Last Resolutions for 2014: Pleasure

Seems silly to finish up the assessment of how I did on my resolutions from last year and planning for 2014, but I can resist the desire for a bit of closure.  Plus, I may actually have some things about which to brag. 

In 2013, I resolved to do the following: 

2013 Resolutions:  

  • Read at least 15 books (one more than last year). Maybe I will find more books that are easy to read in short increments. (I wrote a post about that here
  • Complete at least one reading challenge for which I will sign up
  • Post at least (an average) of four times a month on the thought page of my blog.  I love this space and I need to show up with more than just longing, so I am going to aim for about once a week. 
  • Make at least one home cooked meal a week (on average).

For reading, I actually surpassed my goal by quite a lot.  I finished 24 books most of which were quite good; you can find the list and reviews here.  I also completed the 2013 South Asian Reading Challenge which was actually fun and I enjoyed all the books I read for it. You can see all the reading challenges I attempted (and am going to continue in 2014) here. My blogging goal fell short as I averaged posting about three times a month.  For cooking, I lost track and so do not know if I completed this goal or not. 

My 2014 resolutions are pretty similar to 2013: 

  • Read at least 25 books (gulp!) this is one more than last year, but the number seems intimidating. 
  • Complete at least two reading challenges for which I will sign up
  • Post at least (on average) four times a month. I am off to a slow start, but hoping to post more in the coming months. 
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