Walk Hard
Wednesday, December 26, 2007 at 7:55PM

I saw this movie with Sonja and Tom on Christmas Eve.  We thought that it was going to be as funny as Nacho Libre.  Boy were we wrong.  This movie did have some funny moments, but I thought that a lot of the jokes were cheap and unnecessarily sexual in nature.  I was giggling throughout the movie because I was pretty giddy and high on sugar.  There were a lot of familiar actors in the movie which was fun to see.  However, I kept wanting more.  The movie was a spoof of Walk the Line, so I knew what was going to come next.  I thought that I was being picky, but when I heard that Tom and Sonja shared my sentiments, I felt better.

Which Screen?  All the penis shots are best viewed on a small screen or you could just walk hard past this selection.  

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