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I am Legend

To keep up with our Christmas tradition, my brother and I planned to see a movie and have Chinese food.  My father did not have to work, so he joined us for the movie.  We got to the theater and were shocked at the number of people there.  The movie we originally wanted to see was sold out, so we ended up seeing I am Legend.  While the movie had an interesting premise, it reminded me of a not very well done cross between Cast Away and X-files.  There was some entertainment value in the movie because several things startled me and I screamed OUT LOUD twice.  Then, I squeezed my father's arm to keep from screaming even more.  This amused my brother and him very much.   There were good special effects, but I am not sure if it is worth spending the money to see it in the theater. One thing that I did enjoy about the movie was learning more about Bob Marley's life. 

Fortunately, the Chinese food was delicious and my mom was home in time for dinner.  She ordered the food and had it waiting when we got home.

Which Screen? If you are curious, small screen is fine.

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