No Country for Old Men
Thursday, May 22, 2008 at 9:21PM

After a three month hiatus, I am back to try to review movies.  We shall see how good I am at catching up and keeping up with the movie reviews.

How did I end up watching this movie?

When I was home for winter break, my brother kept trying to get me to see this movie. I ignored him.  I was not particularly drawn to this movie because of the graphic violence. When the movie won some academy awards, my curiosity won out and I decided to add it to my netflix.

Which character did I like best in the movie?

I liked the sheriff who was played by Tommy Lee Jones. He was the only male character who did not either irritate or terrify me.

What was my favorite quote from the movie?

It was this exchange:

Man: Am I going to die?

Sugar: It depends. Did you see me?

Man: Yes

He dies.

What will stick with me from the movie?

The machine Sugar used to kill people and break through locks. It was so wacky.

If I could change one thing about the movie, what would it be?

The graphic nature of some of the killings. 

Who would enjoy this movie?

People who enjoy being on the edge of their sites and wondering, "Who is going to die next?"

Which screen is this movie best viewed on?

Either screen is fine.

Other comments?

I do not recommend watching this movie by yourself at night. I had to stop several times because I got too scared.  I thought that I was going to crap my pants about TEN TIMES DURING THE MOVIE!

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