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All Over Creation--Complete

There is a special place in my heart for books that move me to tears, particularly when I am crying in public.   All Over Creation is the perfect illustration of how changing business practices can impact one community.  This is a story about genetically modified food,  cultural conflict, family dynamics, death, birth, etc.  I read it in coffee houses and found myself crying.  It was embarrassing.  Ruth Ozeki is so good at teaching.  By that I mean, not only do I relate and enjoy the characters of the book, but I feel like I am learning about farming practices.  It also reaffirmed for me the importance of knowing (when possible) how my food is harvested and trying to limit my intake of pesticides. 

The Momoko character in the book reminded me of my own mother in some ways.   Mostly because I often imagine my mother in the garden, lost in a world where she could see how love and attention to detail could cause beautiful things to flourish.  I also wonder what my mother will be like in her old(er) age.  Lately, I have been feeling that she will be cranky and mean, but then I find glimpses of a kind spirit and hope that will come through instead.  

The author's website contains this conversation.  Turns out that she also has a blog. Since I am already addicted to her writing, this discovery could add to my motivation troubles in school.

Recommend to a friend: YES!!!!!

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