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A Jolly Good Fellow

Today, I am featuring my first guest review.  Partner to-be volunteered to read and review  A Jolly Good Fellow by Stephen Masse.  Tomorrow, I will feature an interview with the author.  For now, please enjoy the guest post by PTB.

Santa's Redemption


A Jolly Good Fellow is about a “self-charity” Santa Claus that “kidnaps” the runaway son of a wealthy Massachusetts politician. However, it becomes quickly evident that the relationship is relationship is odd, since the politician’s son seems to enjoy the situation a little too much. Both hilarity and poignancy then ensue, as the relationship between the two transforms and evolves.


As a guest reviewer for Beastmomma, I certainly did not anticipate liking A Jolly Good Fellow so much. The back page description certainly does not portray the depth of the book. Although it seems like a rather cliché description, the book is anything but that. It encompasses feelings of jealousy, revenge, fear, which is quickly evident in the book. However, as the book continues, there are very intense and emotional feelings of love, loss, and redemption, which consume the reader until the dramatic ending once the kidnapping saga is over.


Personally, the book evoked scenes around my new home of Massachusetts, as the Boston area is vividly described. The point of view of the book is through the fake Santa, which in the beginning is portrayed as a typical “Masshole” through his working class accent and general gruffness (Beastmomma and I have personal experience with such folks). However, his actions and ways actually end up endearing in the end. All in all, a wonderful holiday read.


Recommend to a friend...yes

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