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The Sunday Salon #34: The House of Sand and Fog

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I am very slow with completing books during this LAST year of law school while I am in the midst of wedding planning and daydreaming about making my life in a new state and figuring out how to find and create my dream job, so I thought that it would be fun to have a progress report of my reading. This is an online reading group where all the participants set aside time to read every Sunday and blog about the experience.

Today I read more of House of Sand and Fogby Andre Dubus III.  While the book has an interesting premise, I find myself very annoyed with a few of the characters.  In a nutshull, the book is about the Behrani family who buys a house that is incorrectly placed for auction.  The former owner, Kathy Nicolo has been wrongfully evicted.  She tries to get her house back.  In the process, she enlists the help of a police offier named Lester with whom she has sexual relations.  Both of them harass the Behrani family.

I feel SO ANGRY AND ANNOYED by both Kathy and Lester's characters.  I feel like they are selfish and unable to pull their lives together.   The people I feel worst for are Mrs. Behrani and her son; both of these characters do not know why they are being harassed.  They have trusted the actions of their husband and father.   Since I am having such a strong reaction to the characters, I think that the writing is pretty powerful and effective.   In addition to being frustrated with the characters themselves, I am also angry with the system that allows such a mess to occur.  I am more sympathetic to the Behrani family because they acted in good faith when purchasing the house.  I am less sympathetic to Kathy because we learn that she had stopped opening her mail;  I feel that if she had opened the mail she could have prevented her house from being taken.   Additionally, so far in the book, she has hurt her foot once and attempted suicide once.  The Behrani family helped her twice.  They have extended kindness to her even after it was clear that she was trying to kick them out of the house. 

I have seen the movie, so I basically know how it is going to end.   I will not give away the ending here.  Basically, I do not understand why some people do terrible things and still survive manage to land on their feet; other people trust a loved one and end up in the crapper.

Part of me does not even want to finish the novel, however, I only have a few more pages remaining. 

I am reading this book to complete the What's in a Name Challenge.

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Hi! You expressed interest in my World Citizenship Challenge, so I just wanted to let you know <a href="http://worldcitizenshipchallenge.wordpress.com">the blog</a> is up and running. :)
December 28, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterEva
Thanks for letting me know Eva. I will check it out!
December 28, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterbeastmomma

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