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The Sunday Salon: 2012 Reading Recap

The Sunday Salon.com

After a whirlwind 2011 in which I acheived ZERO of my reading goals,  I was excited for a humble, but reading filled 2012.  I had two goals related to reading: complete at least 12 books and complete one of the reading challenges of which I am so found.  I surpassed one goal and failed miserably at the other.  Amazingly I completed 15 books.  You can see the full list here. One thing which helped me meet my reading goal is that I tried to find books that were easy to read in short increments; you can read more about that process here. Unfortunately, I did not complete a SINGLE reading challenge

My reading goals for 2013 are simple: 

  • Complete 15 books (one more than I did last year) 
  • Finish at least one reading challenge (one more than I did last year)
  • Write at least one Sunday Salon post a month (I have been incredibly slack in this department)

If you feel comfortable sharing your goals with me, I would love to hear them.  The rest of my goals can be found on my thoughts page which is here.  Happy Reading All! 

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