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Slaughterhouse-Five-- Complete

I started Slaughterhouse-Five almost a year ago as it was the last book selection for the book club I had joined at work.  This was the first novel I had read by Kurt Vonnegut.  In the hustle and bustle of moving, I had misplaced the book.  It was buried at the bottom of suitcases and then hastily placed on my bookshelf.  Fortunately, the Visitor made a comment about wanting to read the book.  I could not remember if I had finished it, so I searched through the book looking for an indication one way or another.  A page was folded down about twenty pages from the end; I took this as a sign that I still had a bit more to read. 

This afternoon, I finished reading the last bit of the book.  Even though, I read the book in spurts, it was still a wonderful read. I felt like I could relate better to the time travel aspects of the book as I was reading pieces during various, random moments in my life.  The author does such a good job of developing the characters while drawing us in with dark humor.  There are many reasons to be sad that he passed away; for me, I am sad because I will never get the chance to see him in person.  Hopefully, I can feel his spirit through more of his writings.

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