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Team America

How did I end up watching this movie?
Partner to-be and I decided to cook dinner at home and watch a movie instead of seeing fireworks on the 4th of July.  I had meant to see this movie earlier; however, the movie was worth the wait!

Which character did I like best in the movie?

I do not have a favorite character per se.  However, I really LIKE the soundtrack.  The lyrics were hilarious, especially the theme song.  

What was my favorite quote from the movie?

See above.  My favorite lines are from the theme song which played every time the team left headquarters: "America, FUCK YEAH! America, we're gonna save the motherfucking day! America, because freedom is the only way!"

What will stick with me from the movie?

The incredible uncomfortableness I felt while watching the puppets have sex.

If I could change one thing about the movie, what would it be?
I would want to get the theme song out of my head, so that I am not attempted to sing it at inappropriate times.  Although that has less to do with the movie and more to do with my own challenges at keeping my mouth shut.

Who would enjoy this movie?
Those who enjoy sarcasm and art that pushes the envelope, along with those who are not easily offended would enjoy this movie.

Which screen is this movie best viewed on?
The bigger, the better.

Other comments?

Even though there are a lot of disturbing things in the movie, I liked the clever way it raised questions about how we fight terrorists.  Also, the film actors guild was a nice addition to the movie.

Website: Team America

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