Darjeeling Limited

I had heard about this movie from NPR.  It looked intriguing, but I was skeptical given my HUGE disappointment with Eat, Pray, Love.   I thought this movie was wonderful.  There were many comic and poignant moments throughout the film.  I love the dynamic between the brothers and the challenges they faced in the country.  The soundtrack also fit particularly well with the landscape and the story line.  I would recommend this film to anyone who is hoping to travel for personal growth because it shows that you can grow even if your plans change unexpectedly.

Which screen? Big screen because you can get full appreciation of the landscape.

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Best Little Whorehouse In Texas

I got this movie from netflix because I wanted a good laugh.  It did not disappoint.  I thought that the story was cute and the songs were catchy.   The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is also a play and a book; I am curious about seeing it live.

Which Screen?  Small or better yet, find a local production and support theatre!

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Becoming Jane

The Friday before school began, I saw Becoming Jane with the non-conformist.  The movie had not gotten very good reviews, but I was still curious. However, I loved the story and I related to Jane. There is something universal about the struggle to follow your bliss while living in a society that places such rigid expectations on women. I was glad that I saw the movie, but I am not sure if this movie is for everyone.  I also found myself longing to see a movie where the main character does not have to choose between career and marriage or where true love really does find a way in the midst of many obstacles.  A realistic portrayal of those situations does not seem to exist. 

Which Screen?  Either the one, the beautiful scenery is best for the big screen, but the important plot points will come through no matter the size of your screen.

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Last night, I took a break from work and went to see Rataouille with Mr. Sublet (he let me use his place as a hotel room for when Sandi & Brian and Corrie & Joe came to visit).  I had heard a lot of things about the movie and was excited to see if it lived up to all the hype.  The movie was cute and quirky.  There was a spot in the beginning that made me think it would be like American Tale. However, the movie focuses more on fulfilling a dream of cooking than searching for family.  It was good to laugh; I also jumped several times because I got startled.  Plus, Mr. Sublet had a coupon which meant that my ticket only costs $6.00.

Which Screen?  Either one--- the charm of the movie can translate from any size screen.

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