Nanny Diaries

One sign that you watched a lot of movies in a short period of time is that you forget to write a review about them.  On my second to last night in Maryland, I watched the movie version of Nanny Diaries with my cousin.  I thought the book was funny and the movie was entertaining as well.  There were definite liberties taken to make the movie have a happy and less disturbing ending than the book.

Which Screen? Small screen is fine.

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P.S. I Love You

I realized that I never wrote a review of this movie which I saw with my cousins on Thursday.  I did not have high expectations for this movie.  However, it made me laugh and cry.  I thought that the plot was not as cheesy as I was expecting. Hillary Swank and Kathy Bates were both fabulous.  The only thing I did not like about the movie was when my cousin said, "You laugh too loud." When she saw me crying she said, "You are a pussy."  I punched her in the arm.  She and I are very different. 

Which Screen: Small screen is fine.  This is definitely a chick flick.  

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Knocked Up

This movie was another gem that my father got from netflix.  I love that his netflix queue makes him seem hipper than me.  We decided to watch it together yesterday as a way to spend some time together before I go back to school.  The movie was very funny and well done. I did feel uncomfortable watching people smoke pot and have unprotected, one night stand sex with my father.  At one point, he asked, "Why are they smoking like that?" This was referring to various techniques used by the characters to get high.  At another point he said, "I wonder how many people have sex like this."  To which I responded, "A lot dad. Why do you think there are so many STDs? People are horny and stupid."  It is good that he and I can communicate comfortably; I did enjoy laughing with him.

One thing I especially appreciated about the movie was that it was not a trite plot.  To me it seemed natural that when you have an unexpected pregnancy and decide to keep the baby, things get messier more than falling into place naturally.  I have noticed that there seems to be a trend in my movie watching of seeing films that address unplanned pregnancy in a humorous manner.  Okay back to the movie analysis: I liked the character development and the kids were funny.

Which Screen: Small screen is fine. It is especially good to watch with someone that likes to laugh and is not offended by watching people consume drugs or have irresponsible sex.  

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The Sea Inside

So far, this is the best movie I have seen in 2008.  I watched it on my parent's huge television, so that I could read the subtitles without struggling.  It is a powerful story about a quadriplegic who is fighting for the right to die.  There are many touching and humours moments.  At the core, this is a movie about  who decides how we live and how we should die.  How do we determine what life has value?

Which Screen:  Only available on small screen, but it is fabulous!  

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