Marie Antoinette

After Corrie, Joe, and I browsed through the farmer's market and ate brunch, we had some time before I had to be at the airport.  They are new to the netflix world and had just gotten their first movie.  It was Marie Antoinette and we decided to watch it together.  There was no real plot to the movie, but it was lovely eye candy.  I cannot imagine getting married at 14 and having such intense pressure to have baby.  On a more superficial level, I could not imagine wearing that type of clothing.

Which Screen: You can live a complete life without viewing this movie.  

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Margot at the Wedding

This was the first movie in theaters I saw in the new year.  Based on the movie, 2008 will be filled with lots of MAD DRAMA and many comic moments.  So far, that has proven to be true.  Back to the movie, Nicole Kidman and Jack Black were both in this movie and did a fantastic job.  It is about a family coming together for a wedding and all the dysfunction which come to the surface.  I laughed and many times thought, "That is messed up!"  The ending is vague, but the whole thing is amusing.

Which Screen? Small screen is fine, but I could see supporting the film by paying to see it on the big screen.  

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When I went to Buffalo, I saw this movie.  I did not know what to expect.  However when I saw that the cast list included actors from several of my favorite shows, I felt pretty excited.  The movie was very funny and clever.  It was not a stereotypical teen pregnancy movie or a high school drama fest. I also really enjoyed the soundtrack which I am looking forward to owning. 

Which Screen: Big Screen.

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Ladies in Lavender

I saw this movie with my father on Friday night.  We took a lot of intermissions for laundry, bathroom breaks, getting into pajamas.  There were some sad and poignant moments in the film, but there was also a lot of clever humor.  To quote my father, "This is a good movie. I would give it four or five stars."  The one thing I did not completely understand is where the title comes from; if anyone knows and would like to share, that would be great.  After watching the film, I wished that I could paint or play the violin.  I just feel like I would be so much cooler.

Which Screen? It is not in the theaters anymore, so small screen will have to do.  However, the charm of the film will come through on any size screen.

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