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Guns, Germs, and Steel-- Finished

I actually started reading this book on the way to Pittsburgh to visit Sonja and Tom. Unfortunately, I have not added it to the list because I am not even close to finished.  As I have had a bit more time to read in Boston, I am about halfway through. The book is very informative and interesting, but it reads more like a thesis than an engaging text.  I have the Lit Chicks book club meeting for which this book was chosen on Tuesday. Hopefully, the engaging and inspiring discussion will motivate me to continue reading even if I do not finish by Tuesday.


I finally finished this book almost two months after I began reading it. Granted, I got through Tipping Point in there.  I just wish that I had found this to be engaging enough to keep my attention.  There is lots of useful information and it is very densly written. This means that I need to read each paragraph about three times and I still feel like lots of it goes over my head.  I did enjoy all the things I learned.  For instance in China, there are three dates on milk: The date that the milk is taken from the cow, the date the milk arrives in the store, and the date the milk expires.  This why milk does not get exported from one region of China to another.  Aren't you glad that you know that? 

I ended up not making it to the book club meeting that was discussing this. I wonder if that would have made me read faster.   Maybe I would have had the cliff notes version and not felt the need to have the real thing.

Recommend to a friend:  Maybe, the material is informative but very dry and densly written.

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