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Middlemarch- Finished

The next book club selection is taking us back to the classics. None of us had read this George Eliot novel.  I am taken with the characters, but the novel is very dense and requires intense concentration to get through.  I find myself feeling a bit restless, but also engrossed when I read. Not sure where that is coming from--- but maybe as I get more into it the engagement level will increase.  Beth had given me the book as a birthday present.  However when we compared her version to mine-- hers said that it was edited and mine was unabridged and unedited.  I wonder if that is slowing down my reading.


Still trudging along. We had our book club discussion this past Sunday. It was good talk about the message and purpose of the book. I also liked learning more about George Eliot's life. How she was actually a pioneering spirit and a bad ass in the way she defied social conventions to make her own path.  I finally made it halfway through the book and was told that it was getting really good.  Last night, I hit a stride with a section that had me on the edge of my seat and feeling like I could not read fast enough.  Unfortunately, that feeling did not last long enough for me to finish the book.


Last night, July 2, 2006 at about 7pm, I finished the book. I was so glad to be done with it that I could not decide if I liked it.  The literary journey was certainly long and intense.  I did enjoy the last few chapters where I felt like things came together and there were good sentences.  I do feel the absence of the book which is strange because I thought that I would be relieved.  When I think about this book, I believe it will be one of those texts that I am glad to have read but not one that I will remember with particular fondness.

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