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Wicked-- Finished

For my birthday I got the soundtrack to the musical "Wicked" and instantly got hooked.  I really want to see the show.  In the meantime, I was trying to think of how I could get more information about the story. You can surmise some of the story from the song lyrics, but I wanted more.  Then I found the book on my night stand and was instantly excited.  I started reading it yesterday and was instantly taken.  Although I do need to finish other books first, I am excited about this prospect.


I was happy when this tale got chosen as the work book club selection.  It justified my "cheating" on Middlemarch.  To give you an idea of how  much I read and how ferociously, I wore out the soundtrack to the musical "Wicked." I took this with me on my Seattle trip.  It helped to make me less nervous when I was going from Chicago to Seattle which was a four hour trip.  The message that neither good nor evil is crystal clear is brilliant. I found myself having tremendous sympathy for the Witch and feeling angry that the Wizard and others had better public relations skill.  Made me realize that we all are on the verge of being wicked and being good.  Now, I just need to see the musical to finish my trilogy of Wicked.  I am also curious to go back and see or read "The Wizard of Oz."

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