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Lions for Lambs

When I was at home for Thanksgiving, my brother and I decided to go see a movie.  This was a good break from being around the house.  He and I usually agree on movies, but the pickings were slim.  I finally agreed to Lions for Lambs.  It had a lot of potential, but I thought that it fell short.  I could have sworn that some of the dialogue was from other places; I also thought that it was a bit long.  One good thing about the movie was that I got the chance to tell my brother that I think he takes things for granted and acts like an arrogant ass without getting into a fight.  I told him that one of the characters reminded me of him.  This is a story that centers around the Iraq war. There are three basic story lines: A professor talking with a student about living up to potential (the student character reminded me of my brother),  a senator who is running for President speaking with a journalist about a new war strategy, and two soldiers on the battlefield in Iraq.

My brother liked the movie more than I did.  He claimed that it made him think.  Our contrasting opinions lead me to believe that a movie can make you think and bore you to tears all at the same time.

Which Screen: Small is adequate, but you could also get the same information by being a critical reader of the news.

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