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Lost in Austen

How did I end up watching this movie?

I decided to join the Everything Austen challenge for which I committed to watching six Austen themed movies.  I had a slow start, but I am excited to get rolling.

Which character did I like best in the movie?

Amanda, the main character, with the nostalgia for the past and her awareness of the present. I loved her struggle with trying to stay true to the plot of a novel and her attraction for Darcy.

What was my favorite quote from the movie?

Oh my goodness, at a sad moment in the movie, Darcy says, "I cannot marry you because you are not a maid." << It brought home the ideal (and in my opinion) misplaced notion that women should be pure.

What will stick with me from the movie?

How the plots of our lives are not written in some script that cannot be changed.

If I could change one thing about the movie, what would it be?

I wanted more information about how Elizabeth Bennett was faring in modern day New York

Who would enjoy this movie?

Jane Austen fans.

Which screen is this movie best viewed on?

Either one.

Other comments?

I was glad that I joined the challenge because otherwise I would have missed out on a great movie.

Website: Lost in Austen

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