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Jane Austen in Manhatten

How did I end up watching this movie?

I decided to join the Everything Austen challenge for which I committed to watching six Austen themed movies.  This was my fourth selection.

Which character did I like best in the movie?

Victor because he was driven by his love of his wife and hope for their relationship.  I also liked Lillianna, but it was hard to care very much for any of the characters.

What was my favorite quote from the movie?

Nothing was particularly memorable.

What will stick with me from the movie?

A movie with an interesting premise can still turn out to be A WASTE OF TIME!

If I could change one thing about the movie, what would it be?

I wish that the funds had not been wasted on bringing the movie into the world. I did not like it at all and I could not understand the value of it.  I felt like I was watching an abstract painting without the asethic pleasure, only chaos.

Who would enjoy this movie?

No one.  Jane Austen fans will be horrified by how beloved Austen is twisted to create something which moves slowly and makes no sense.  Every one else will be counting the minutes until it ends.

Which screen is this movie best viewed on?


Other comments?

Some movies make me feel like I am not in the right state of mind to appreciate them.  For this movie, I think that I should have had a lot of mood altering beverages to enjoy it.

Website: Jane Austen in Manhattan

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